November 2021:

Kate Chambers was awarded Outstanding Senior of 2021 by the UA Psychology Department. Congratulations Kate!

October 2021: 

Quentin & Dr. Andrews-Hanna interview with NPR about the advantages of our "Think Aloud Paradigm" and how quantifying characteristics of thought as they develop over time can help us understand mental health. Take a listen here!

September 2021: 

Quentin’s paper “The think aloud paradigm reveals differences in the content, dynamics and conceptual scope of resting state thought in trait brooding” was accepted to the journal Scientific Reports! Read more about the findings here.


Photo: Eric and Hannah presented their posters at the 2021 Annual Alzheimer’s Consortium: “Evaluating the Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factors on Real-World Autobiographical Thought – A Mind Window Study” (Eric), and “Age-Related Differences in Resting-State Cognition: An Adapted Think-Aloud Paradigm” (Hannah).


August 2021: 

Greetings to Mariam Hovhannisyan, a first-year PhD student who has joined the lab! 


Photo: enjoying some lab-wide excitement to be back in-person after a tumultuous virtual year! 


July 2021:

A big congratulations and heartfelt goodbye to Chris Griffith who is off to pursue graduate school at the University of Colorado, and a welcome to Caity Cegavske as the lab’s new Coordinator. 


June 2021: 

The NET Lab welcomes Teodora Stoica, a Post-Doc from the University of Louisville who has ventured west to analyze the neuroimaging data from our Alzheimer’s study.


May 2021:

Katherine Richard joined our team as the Project Coordinator for the CLOSE study. Welcome Katherine!


Erin’s chapter “Putting the “Me” in “Mentalizing”: Multiple Constructs Describing Self Versus Other During Mentalizing and Implications for Social Anxiety Disorder” is published as a chapter in the book The Neural Basis of Mentalizing. (See publications page)


April 2021:

Andrea and Eric were selected as winners of the University of Arizona Psychology Department’s 2021 M.A. poster session for their posters entitled “Individual Differences in Loneliness and Depression Modulate the Neural Response to Social Rejection” (Andrea) and “Modeling the Connection between Psychological Well-Being and How We Think in Everyday Life” (Eric).


March 2021:

Our CLOSE neuroimaging study was awarded a $2.9 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to explore how difficulties in romantic relationships can affect mental health and well-being. 



Drs. Jessica Andrews-Hanna and Matthew Grilli were awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Aging (R56AG068098) entitled “Tracking autobiographical thoughts: a smartphone-based approach to the detection of cognitive and neural markers of Alzheimer’s disease risk.”


Dec 2019: 

Photo: lots of laughs at our end-of-the-year White Elephant Party.


November 2019:

The NET Lab is excited to host Professor Donna Rose Addis during her visit to UA to deliver a colloquium for the Cognitive Science Program.


September 2019:

Visiting student from Barcelona, Neus Miqel Giner, arrives for the Fall semester!


August 2019:

AJ Olsen presents her summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium project at a conference.


July 2019:

The NET Lab wishes Ramsey Wilcox farewell to pursue graduate school at the University of Illinois, and welcomes new lab research coordinator, Chris Griffith.


May 2019:

Erin Mamaril and Kayla Santamaria Cazarez present their Undergraduate Honors Thesis projects on depression and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy!


Sylvia Zarnescu, Nadia Anais de Stefano, and Mauricio Serna present their posters at UA’s undergraduate research fairs


Graduate student, Andrea Coppola, awarded a Research and Project (ReaP) Grant from the  University of Arizona!


April 2019:

Photo: Kayla, Nadia, Tania, Sylvia and Jessica gave 4 outreach workshops on the science of imagination for ~100 Tucson families as part of the College Academy for Parents program at UA.


December 2018:

Postdoc Erin Maresh awarded a Varela grant from the Mind & Life Foundation!


November 2018:

Ramsey presents his research on temporally-oriented thinking at the Psychonomics Society.  Way to go, Ramsey!


August 2018:

The NET Lab welcomes Dr. Erin Maresh (a postdoc), 2 new graduate students (Andrea Coppola and Eric Andrews), and two new motivated undergraduate students (Rohith Boyilla and Sylvia Zarnescu).


Photo: Undergraduate student, Mauricio Serna, presents the summer research project he conducted in the NET Lab at the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium conference.  Way to go, Mauricio!


April 2018:

Kayla, Erin, Nadia and Jessica gave 4 outreach workshops on the science of imagination for ~100 Tucson families as part of the College Academy for Parents program at UA.  They left inspired by the creative kids and their families!


Graduate student, Quentin Raffaelli, is awarded 5th place in the entire university at the University of Arizona’s Grad Slam!  He gave a fantastic 3 minute publicly-accessible talk on his research on creativity.  Way to go, Quentin!


February 2018:

Photo: The NET Lab gets together for a potluck.  Some folks went on a beautiful sunset hike at Sabino Canyon before it began.  Left to right: Quentin, Haley, Jess, Sydney, Jess AH